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If you are interested in becoming a broadcaster here on Global-X Radio, please drop the program director a note after reading the FAQ below.


What are the requirements?
All that we ask is that you are consistent with your broadcasts. Please be as punctual as possible, because as you know, this is radio. You're welcome to say or do anything on your show as long as its halfway entertaining.
What all can I say?
We here at GXR support freedom of speech. However, we are not responsible for any negative feedback you receive from what you say. Feel free to be expressive and as opinionated as you want, but remember, what you say is on you. GXR will not be held responsible for what content you decide to air.
What is required?
We would prefer that you can broadcast using your own computer and/or your broadcast studio. However, if you would like to have a producer for your show, using GXR main broadcast studio, please make this specific in your e-mail.
You are not bound to a broadcasters' contract. We try to keep it free and simple. However, we trust you to be on time and reliable. If you do not do a show for three scheduled broadcasts without a legitimate excuse, then you will be dropped from the schedule.
GXR can, in its sole discretion, remove any show for any reason. All broadcasts are the property of The Global-X Radio Network and can be edited, rebroadcast, or otherwise utilized without the consent of the broadcaster. Any disputes regarding these matters will be resolved by the members of GXR in whatever way they see fit.
The Fun Part
So if you have what it takes, and you agree with all of the above terms and conditions, go ahead and e-mail Vic, GXR's program director, and tell us what time you would like to broadcast, what you would like to call your show, and your main topic or theme.






Be A Broadcaster

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